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The U2 is a USB power meter and tester.

It is full of features and makes it the most complete USB power meter I known of:

  • wide voltage and current range, with high precision: 0-24 V DC @ 0.00001 V, -5-5 A @ 0.00001 A (covers all standardized USB voltages and currents)
  • multiple USB inputs (USB 3.1 type-A plug, micro-USB, USB-C) and outputs (USB 3.1 type A socket, USB-C)
  • large (1.77 in / 4.5 cm) clear (can use large fonts) LCD screen (160*128 pixels)
  • can detect charger compliance/profile: Apple (5V @ 2.4A, PD), Samsung (5V @ 2.0A, AFC), USB Battery Charging (BC1.2 DCP), Qualcomm Quick Charge (QC 2.0, QC 3.0), USB Power Delivery (PD 2.0, PD 3.0, E-Marker), Huawei (FCP, SCP), MTK (PE1.1, PE2.0), OPPO (VOOC, DASH, Super, FLASH)
  • external power input: to not affect the current measurement, the device can be powered using the micro-USB HID power. This also allows to measure voltages under 4 V (the minimum required if you power using the normal USB port)
  • computer interface to read the measured values: USB HIB (micro-USB port which also can externally power the device), and Bluetooth (U2p version)


There are several slightly different versions of the hardware, with confusing names. I will us the names I can read on the device itself to identify them.


This is the first device I bought from the HiDANCE store, and seems to be a clone.

The original manufacturer blocked this device. After flashing firmware version 5.5, the display would just show 104083 ERR, and the device would not work anymore. Moreover it was not possible to re-flash it anymore. Thus don't install firmware version 5.5 of later if you have a device with serial 104083, else you will brick it. Software version 4.0 or later also do not work with this device. You need to use version 3.0.
This device can still be used to measure voltage and current, but since there is no update anymore it will not be able to be used to detect charger profiles.





Bluetooth Serial

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