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Here is the logo I use for my hardware (electronic) project to show it is open source:

my logo

Why I created it is well explained in episode #013.


You can customize and download the logo using the open source hardware logo generator. How it works is pretty well described in the source files.

The generator allows to export in the following formats:

  • SVG: a vector image. the primer helps a lot to understand the format
  • gEDA pcb: footprint for the electronic CAD software I use. the format is pretty well documented
  • KiCad: footprint for the electronic CAD software I used, and which I can only recommend. the newer S-expression module format is ok documented
  • eagle: footprint for probably the most popular electronic CAD. since version 6 they release the DTD for the XML library format, but without guideline it's not easy to use.

You can download the files thanks to FileSaver.js. And you can get all formats in a .zip file thanks to JSZip.


OSI logo OSHA logo v1 OSHA logo v2 my logo
OSI logo first OSHA logo (2011) second OSHA logo (2014) my logo


a brief history about the OSHA and MY open source hardware logo:

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