the sorcery of copper

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various check lists to avoid screwing up electronic manufacturing projects

before designing


  • ensure you have enough parts locally
  • prefer parts with high availability and multiple distributors

after designing


  • BOM: put part ordering information, or use description for generic parts


  • run rats nest to ensure all is connected
  • run DRC
  • ensure non-plated through hole (e.g. mounting hole) have copper clearance (else it will be manufactured as plated hole)
  • ensure outline is present and uses 0.1 mm lines
  • ensure the text next to the LEDs, header pins, and test points are the right ones
  • remove floating trace stubs (disable pad/subcircuit visibility, and show planes as wireframe)
  • place project/board name and version
  • place ordering number text under a component, or on panel rails
  • place reference designators for assembly
  • check solder mask (e.g. tented holes) and solder paste (e.g. through hole pins)
  • check outline copper pullback
  • check output gerbers
  • print gerber and place components to check footprints (particularly if new) and spacing
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