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 +The name of the device says it all: **USB cable tester**. \\
 +It will test what kind of USB cable it is by checking which signals on the connectors are inter-connected by the cable.\\
 +This helps identifying if a cable can transmit data, just deliver power, or if a USB-C cable can be used as HDMI cable.
 +**STATUS**: this project is still it its prototype phase.
 +The prototype works, and is released, but lacks the Power Delivery feature.
 +The final product is currently in design.
 +=== Hardware ===
 +More details about the hardware are available [[|here]].
 +The schematic/board layout files are available [[|here]], and the sources are available in [[|this git]].
 +=== Firmware ===
 +No binaries are released yet since this is still in the prototype phase.
 +The source files are available in [[|this git]] (keep in mind the usb_cable_tester branch).
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