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 {{:​jtag:​jlink-v8-thin-back.jpg?​0x150|board back}} {{:​jtag:​jlink-v8-thin-back.jpg?​0x150|board back}}
-Here a light J-Link v9 (v9 uses a fast High-Speed ​STM32F205 ​instead of the v8 Full-Speed ​AT91SAM7S):+Here a light J-Link v9
 +v9 uses a STM32F205 ​(providing 20 MHz JTAG/15 MHz SWD) while v8 uses a AT91SAM7S ​(providing 10 MHz JTAG/4 MHz SWD):
 {{:​jtag:​jlink-v9-front.jpg?​0x150|board front}} {{:​jtag:​jlink-v9-front.jpg?​0x150|board front}}
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